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What are your scrubs made from? 

Our scrubs are made form a type of 4-way stretch fabric. This means they are incredibly comfortable and allow more movement that your conventional polycotton scrubs. Just what you need for those long shifts!

How long will my scrubs take to get to me? 

Once your payment reflects in our account we will start processing your order. Any personalisation will then be done and your scrubs will then be shipped. Courier will take 1-2 working days for delivery. 

Custom orders (made to order such as extra length pants and extreme sizes) will be made to order. Manufacture on these will take 3-4 weeks. 

If normal items are out of stock we will contact you and give you the option to wait for manufacture ( also 3-4 weeks) . this means just because it says out of stock doesn't necessarily mean you cant have the items you are wanting, it just means you may need to wait a little.

Colour fastness:

Our fabric has been tested and long term colour fastness proves to be fantastic. With this being said, as with any new coloured garment (especially darker colours such as the black and navy) , our fabric is over-dyed, meaning the excess colour can run in the beginning. Washing it a few times should help to remove the excess dye so you can cary on enjoying your fabulous scrubs. 



What can I have embroidered on my scrubs?

Absolutely anything! We can add any logos or names to your scrubs as you need them to be. 

How long will the embroidery take?

All embroidery is outsourced and can take 1-3 weeks. Unfortunately, we have little control over the time it takes once at embroidery but if you have any special needs please feel free to contact us so we can try our best to speed things up for you!  



Im in-between sizes on your sizing chart. What should I go for?

This depends entirely on how you prefer your scrubs to fit. If you like a more fitted look, go for the smaller size. if you prefer comfort and a more loose fit, go for the bigger size. 

My top size is different to my pant size? 

No problem! We specifically sell tops and pants separately for this reason. Order a different size top to pants to solve your problems. 

What size underscrub should I go for? 

We recommend a slightly more fitted underscrub to scrub size as remember this needs to sit comfortably underneath your scrubs so you don't want them to be too loose. 

Are the cuts of the different styles different size-wise? 

Our normal one and two pocket tops are exactly the same cut. The shell top for women is more of a straight cut so some may prefer to take one size smaller in this style. 

The slim fit and jogger pants are also the same cut. The basic pants have a much looser fit compared to the others.

What if I receive my scrubs and they don't fit?

No problem. We allow one free exchange ( ie. we will cover the cost of the courier for one exchange). Have a look at our returns policy for more details. 

What if I have personalised my scrubs? Can I still exchange?

Unfortunately not. We cannot re-sell items that have been embroidered so cannot allow exchanges on items that have embroidery. 

What does extra length mean? 

Extra length adds 4cm to the length of women's pants and 5cm to the length of men's. Check out our sizing chart for more details on pant lengths. 

 Im larger than a 3XL, can you still help me?

Absolutely! If you have any special sizing requirements, please just send us an email and we will assist you with custom sizing options.